Grymskald Tyrson

Name: Grymskald Tyrson
Race: Einher
Title: Military Commander, Skald
Residence: Fenheim, Jericho

History: Former Norse raider, forced into slavery, Tyrson escaped from a small keep in Tiefanue during an elvish siege of the fort. Alongside Valgard, he went to 'camp X' to earn his lawful freedom by facing the infernal horrors deep inside the Sindari Forest. After being granted his freedom and proclaimed a hero for his efforts at camp X, he fought at the front lines during the initial push to establish Jericho. Once the town of Jericho had been established, Valgard, Solomon Aldrich, Dawn Arrowmoon and Tyrson founded a camp that has since become known as Fenheim. Tyrson is known to be an outspoken and hot-tempered man, who holds his people's gods in the highest respect. He is rumoured to have destroyed one of the orbs of power (Tryst) and is one of the founding citizens of Jericho. During the Sumendar administration of Jericho Tyrson served as the Commander of Jericho's military, campaigning against the orcs of clan Grosch. The Tana administration brought charges of crimes against Suvaunt against Tyrson, and he was relieved of command when they disbanded Jericho's military. Tyrson was pardoned of the charges, and through the Talsiar administration has remained quiet politically, though he is seen to have closes personal ties to the current Magistrate of Jericho.

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