Grey Elves: The Thalan

Grey Elves of Maudmadir

Language: Sindarin

The Grey Elves of Maudmadir are a highly secretive, ancient civilization about which very little is known.

These Elves (they claim to not be Elves) appear very much the same as a normal elf with the exception that they are grey skinned, usually with black or grey eyes and black lips. They are very rarely seen, even in the distant northern lands where they presumably make their home. Only a handful of sighting have been reported over the past few decades, and only a few over the last century.

Grey Elves are usually only seen during daylight hours (only one has ever been seen in the early evening). This fact is not so remarkable in and of itself. What is more interesting is that in many of these cases, the encounters have followed by non-hostile encounters with large grey wolves. These secondary encounters have all taken place after dark. Not surprisingly, tremendous speculation has ensued, particularly among the superstitious peasantry.

The Grey Elven Calendar

The Grey Elves observe an ancient calendar (the oldest known). It places year 0 of the common calendar at 420,768.

Political Structure

Grey Elven political structure is for the most part unknown, and undescribed by Grey Elves except for several references, by the few who have spoken with them, to a “council”.

In both Western and Eastern Kingdoms, Ambassador Silvain of the Maudmadir is regarded as a noble, holding the title of Baron. He is purported to have once stated that anything more would be “unnecessarily excessive”.


As little is known of the Maudmadir militia as is known of their political structure. Until recently, it was even wondered if there was a Grey Elf military. Fortunately there is. Their decisive action with regard to the necromancer known only as Ichabod and an Undead army averted possible disaster. Had they not acted, the Undead would have spilled out across the southern reaches of the continent.


Little is known of their culture, beyond what they chose to share with the "lesser" races. They pay homage to both the Firstborn and Llyandra. It is rare for a grey elf to have a last name, although they will sometimes take one for the sake of other cultures.

Well Known Grey Elves

King Baraquiel "Hopebringer"
Anastasia the Oracle

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