Government Of Jericho

Situated on the Crossroads, Jericho is administered by a council of four under the jurisprudence of acting Patrician Mori'Ken'Sar'ai'Karikki, Matriarch of the Mori'Ken pride (Savar). The legal system is based on the laws of Tiefanue.

Current membership of the council is as follows:

1. Councilor Verdandi (Einher)
2. Councilor Solomon (Human)
3. Councilor Timulan (Dark Elf)
4. Unfilled

Previous members of the Council included Alphonse Ducroix (human, Berphaunt emissary, removed from his position by the Berphaunt government), Di'ikh Aiah (Dark Elf, removed and executed for worshiping a Dark God), Logan Fit'nar (Wood Fae, removed for treason and necromancy), Father Celeb Whiteraven (human), who is now deceased, and Rois Renaud (Gargylen), who has left Jericho.

The past Patrician, Gabriele Venturi, has left the area.

The current Sheriff is Roland (Einher), and he is assisted by his Deputies (Solok, Dormiddon, Windsor Daly, Thomas Daly, Wolfgar, and Stephen).

Past Sheriffs have been Valgard, Ubiquitous, and Syrache.

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