Known Names

Goulgozt, The Destroyer of Kings, The Unmaker

Commonly Assumed Form(s)

None known


Goulgozt is devoted to overturning civilization. It works toward destroying relationships of all kinds, seeking to drive all sentient life to solitude.


In keeping with its motivation, Goulgozt is thought to use very few, if any, servants, either demonic or otherwise. It is fond of possession of powerful leaders and monarchs. Goulgozt infects many of its victims with a progressively worsening madness that causes them to drive away or kill anything sentient that they come across. Those who are infected quickly find themselves leading a hermit's life, and usually succumb to the elements or to starvation.

Presumed Weaknesses

It is suspected that Goulgozt is unable to directly manifest its power over those it possesses while in the presence of any other sentient life. As such, it is known to drive its victims to madness while they sleep.

Preferred Sacrifices

Little is known about methods of sacrifice to Goulgozt, though there is a documented case of a Berphauntian prince being sacrificed to The Unmaker by his tutor.

Presumed Summoning Aids

It is believed that any symbol of leadership is helpful in gaining the attention of Goulgozt.

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