Gordon Maclean

Gordon Maclean was born in the kingdom of Tiefanue many hundreds of years ago. For reasons that are unclear, he left for the east when he was approximately 30 years old. There were rumours that some kind of “incident” had occurred between himself and some low ranking nobility, though what happened or who it involved has never come to light. The kingdom of Tiefanue has always dismissed this as false, and claims ignorance to why Gordon Maclean originally migrated east. They say they knew him only as a common peasant, a man who had worked at various odd jobs throughout his life and never had trouble with the law. Whatever the cause, Gordon Maclean vanished for over 10 years. Most acquaintances assumed he left for Berphaunt and became a citizen. However, this was not the case. This fact came to light when both the Berphaunt and Tiefanue simultaneously received proclamations from the Grey Elves, claiming that they were going to sanction a new settlement within the southern reaches of their lands, and this new town would fall under their banner, but it would be considered independent at the same time. Essentially, it would be a city-state loosely associated with the Kingdom of the Grey Elves. This was a surprising act, as neither kingdom was aware of the location of a single Grey Elven town, let alone one to be under the permanent commission of a human. The proclamation also stated that the villager elder (or mayor) was to be considered a kinsman of the Grey Elves, and had all the rights and privileges of a Grey Elf within their sacred forests.

Gordon named his town "Sindar".

The simple fact that a human had been granted status as a kinsman within the Grey Elf society was enough to start the rumours flying almost immediately. Both kingdoms sent emissaries at once to "Bridge the gap of distance and insecurity and extend a hand of friendship and peace." Gordon Maclean immediately recognized them as the spies they were, but greeted them warmly and settled the nervousness of both kingdoms.

The town began to flourish within the next few years, attracting many undesirables who sought refuge from the laws of both Kingdoms. This problem persisted for years, there was numerous accounts of illegal guilds, dark mages, and other criminals being routed out and driven away. However, within his lifespan Gordon Maclean erected many guilds and created positions of power; a small "noble-court" in a sense, although none of its members held a drop of true noble blueblood within their veins. With the backing of these powers, he was able to defend his town in the early years from the threat of the underground society and the wilds that surrounded him.

Approximately 15 years after the cornerstone of the town was lain, Gordon Maclean met a human woman by the name of Kristen Santano. This woman would later become his wife, and they would have a single child together - Walter. Gordon died at age 65, when he caught pneumonia during one of the worst winter storms in recorded history. His funeral was an elaborate affair, with official representatives from both the Berphaunt and Tiefanue in attendance. The small town could barely accommodate the sheer amount of people who came to pay their last respects to a man who was seen as a pioneer, a hero, and a father figure. At the end of a long ceremony, a trio of Grey Elves robed in sombre but elegant attire of an unworldly beauty arrived and retrieved the body. It is unknown where they took it, or what was done to it, but in its place they left a small candelabra with a single candle. Where this candle is today, is unknown. Before they left, they performed a private ceremony with Walter that lasted nearly an hour. It is not known what transpired.

For decades, Walter ran the town in much the same way as his father did, extending the boarders, building many new structures, establishing peace treaties with neighbouring Orcs and adding detail to the laws and guilds. He possessed the love of the community as did Gordon, and protected his town with the same vigilance. He was married two decades after his father’s death. The remainder of his life is urban legend, with facts and rumour mixing freely.

Diary of Water Maclean:

Last month my life changed. Deep into the cold night I was awakened by the sounds of battle and screaming. I quickly dressed and armed myself, running out into the darkness. The town was under attack by a coordinated group of powerful undead! I could only guess as to what most of the dark creatures were, but they were immune to the blows of our weapons. They had attacked the Healer's guild first and had slaughtered most of its members in bed, including the Guildmaster. They moved next to the Mage’s guild, which managed to hold them off via their Circle of Power, but not without heavy losses. The undead ignored anyone who carried weapons and seemed to target only casters, though over half of the Sheriff’s department was slain, as well as many guards and citizens. They then moved onto the Noble Estate itself, phasing through walls, wailing and slaying with single blows. Then; as quickly as it all started, it was over. They phased straight through ceilings or screamed off into the treetops - vanishing.

My first act was to make sure the wounded were tended to and that essential repairs were made. I sent a messenger that same morning to the Grey Elves, and within the week he returned with a reply. They told me of their horror at what had happened, and they asked me to remain near the town, to restrain any feelings I might have for vengeance or justice, and deal with the problems within the borders of the town. They would seal the town off from the outside world until the spring, and at that time they would contact me again and tell me of their discoveries. I trust the Grey Elves because of my father, but I have never had direct contact with them.

It hasn't been easy quelling the fears of the town, but there have been no signs of a second attack. Life has slowly returned to a state of near normal, except for the fact that the Elves have not allowed travellers into or out of the town. This has created some new problems, and I have recently been considering taking a small group northwards to the Crossroads. I am burning with questions regarding the undead and the attack, but I acknowledge the fact that the Grey Elves have more manpower and capabilities to find the answers to the questions I seek, and I have resigned myself to wait until the spring and word from the Grey Elves before I act out on my own. For now, my life has been busy with rebuilding the manpower of the guilds, quieting local fears, and presenting myself as a capable leader in these trying times.

Something troubles me though. Last night a scout returned from the north, my having sent him a risk I felt I must take. He returned with a notice that was partially hidden near the roadside. It was written in elvish - the handwriting the most stunning I have ever seen - I can only assume it was posted by the Grey Elves. I had a local stone elf translate it. It reads:

“To our Brothers:
These roads are soon to be open to the lesser races and one should now expect to encounter them along this route. If you encounter any form of necromantic creature in this area, report it to your Elder immediately. Do not attempt to engage the beast, as many powerful creatures have been scouted. Until further notice consider these lands unpurified. If aid is required, shelter can be found within the lesser town of Sindar.
Peace be with you.”

As surprising as it was to hold a parchment of Grey elven origin in my hands, what is more unsettling is what was scrawled underneath by another hand, as a message, but also in elvish. The crude warning reads:

I come for you. My eyes see past the gates of Tse Maigrindof, do you think I am fooled by such petty trickery?
Prepare Floodgate’s defences - I shall make weapons from your bones.

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