Gods Of The Einher

Primary: Strength
Secondary: Thunder, Protection, Craftsmanship, Law
Symbol: Thors Hammer (keyword Mjollnir)
Following: Largest, well received by virtually everyone

Odin (Cronos)
"The All-Father"
Primary: Wisdom
Secondary: War, Poetry, Death, Runes
Symbol: A Raven
Following: Large, Focused among the Kings and powerful Jarls

Loki (The Cat Lord)
"The Shape Changer"
Primary: Trickery
Secondary: Fire
Symbol: A Flame
Following: Cult-like, mostly followed by individual shamans and their
apprentices. Social outcasts who live by trickery or seek strange knowledge.
I.e. Weirdoes / spies / assassins.

Freyja (Sabrina, Cassandra)
Primary: Love
Secondary: Lust, Obsession, Fertility, Witchcraft, Manipulation, Wealth,
Patron of Female Warriors
Symbol: Two Cats
Following: Largest with any woman who strikes off on her own, and even some
male warriors who would wish to gain entry to Gladsheim

Forseti (Roland)
Primary: Justice
Secondary: Arbitration, Peace, Reconciliation
Symbol: A Pillar (keyword Irminsul)
Following: Small, mostly those whom would be consultants, whether in
marriage, property, or law

"The White God"
Primary: Vigilance
Secondary: Societal Order, Guardians and Protectors
Symbol: A Rainbow
Following: Small, any order of warriors that are strictly organized and
disciplined, that would function like policemen, bodyguards, etc.

Skadi (Dunarthos)
"Snow-shoe Goddess"
Primary: Winter
Secondary: Harvest, Wild Hunts, Darkness
Symbol: A Snowflake
Following: Popular, primarily by truly ancient, even barbaric aspects of
Viking culture. Evoking the feeling of dark, ancient mysteries of the deep
winter night, creating a mix of awe and fear.

Primary: The Sea
Secondary: Storms, Fire, Winds, Wealth
Symbol: An Ocean Wave
Following: Large, biggest with travelers, merchants, fishermen.

Hel (Shiva)
Primary: The Underworld
Secondary: Death
Symbol: Mask that is half white half black
Following: Cult-like, mostly found amongst those who are separated from
their own kind, in society or otherwise. With a deep torment, reflecting
that which Hel suffers with.

Tyr (Kael)
Primary: War
Secondary: Courage, Heroism, Justice
Symbol: A Hand
Following: Popular, especially with lawyers, nobles, etc.


The Norns
Primary: Fate
Secondary: Visions
Symbol: The three phases of the moon )0(
Following: Popular with followers of Odin, and seers

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