Gods Of Darkness

Also known as:
Titles: "The Bloodletter"
Realm(s) of Influence: War, Bloodshed, Murder
Symbol: Crossed War Axes

Also known as: Ichabod (Elves), Icarus (Elves)
Titles: "Lord of the Undead", "The Master of Autumn", "Lord of Twilight"
Realm(s) of Influence: Necromancy, Undeath, Corruption, Darkness, Autumn
Symbol: A horned skull with fangs

Also known as: Alakasha (elves)
Titles: "The Razor"
Realm(s) of Influence: Vengeance, Dark Elves, Retribution
Symbol: A Mask (usually metal)

Also known as: Pandora (Elves), Hel (Einher)
Titles: "The Widow", "The Winter Queen", "The White Lady of Pain", "Adopter of Lost Children"
Realm(s) of Influence: Pain, Cruelty, Hatred, Winter, Suffering, Dominance
Symbol: A Bloody Dagger

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