Gods Of Balance

Also known as:
Titles: "The Banker"
Realm(s) of Influence: Wealth, Riches, Finances
Symbol: A Gold Coin

The Cat Lord
Also known as: Ryiak (Savar), Loki (Einher)
Titles: "Lord of Trickery"
Realm(s) of Influence: Thieves, Spies, Cunning, Rogues
Symbol: A Black Cat, An Encircled Cat's Eye

Also known as:
Titles: "The Gatekeeper"
Realm(s) of Influence: Natural Death
Symbol: A Skeletal Hand

Also known as: Odin (Einher), Tempus (Elves)
Titles: "The Guardian", "The All Father"
Realm(s) of Influence: Time, Wisdom, Runes, War
Symbol: A Raven

Also Known As: Mordak (Dwarves)
Titles: "The Lord of War", "The General"
Realm(s) of Influence: Military Strategy and Tactics
Symbol: Crossed Swords

Also known as:
Realm(s) of Influence: Secrets, the Night, Darkness
Symbol: An 8 pointed star

Also known as: Skadi (Einher)
Realm(s) of Influence: Nature, Animals, The Moon
Symbol(s): A Bow, a Hooded Ranger, A Hawk

Also known as: Fracus (elves)
Realm(s) of Influence: Celebration, Wine, Merriment
Symbol: An Overflowing Goblet

Also known as:
Titles: "The Lady"
Realm(s) of Influence: Matron of the Elves
Symbol: A Red Eye

The Muse
Also known as: Dylan (Elves)
Titles: "The Weaver"
Realm(s) of Influence: Music, Creativity, the Arts
Symbol: A Lute

Also known as:
Titles: "The Magi"
Realm(s) of Influence: Magic, Power, Knowledge
Symbol(s): A Burning Eye, A Spellbook

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