Lifespan - Immortal

Language - Common (no racial language)

The Gargylen are a half-constructed, half living, race of gargoyles. Since 2230, they have broken free from the oppressive yoke of their creators: The Conclave. They have free will, are sentient, and have developed a method of reproduction. Very little is known about them, and they have no known territory or homeland. A Gargylen’s skin is stone grey and hardened. This makes them less susceptible to conventional weapons. All are horned, and although some have wings, they are all flightless. Little is known about their purpose or moral standings, though most seem to possess a seemingly instinctual need to protect the innocent. Certainly this is not the case with all Gargylen.

Some Gargylen possess Stone Skin, a learned molecular control over their own crafted bodies. When applied, the skin becomes as hard as stone, making the Gargylen less susceptible to normal weapons. Some also have greater fortitude, developed through extra constitutional training, above and beyond what is standard for their race.

Gargylen may be healed as though their bodies were armour. Armoursmiths may refit a Gargylen as they would any armour. Unfortunately for Gargylen, they cannot be healed in the same way as other races. First aid and standard healing methods are ineffective upon them.

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