Gara'jan Kar'an Asi'ja

Gara'jan Kar'an Asi'ja

Gara'jan Kar'an Asi'ja of Pride Asha came from the mainland, his home and family is in the realm of Felnir. Gara'jan was born into the world along with 3 sisters on the year 2229, His Mother deemed that he would become a warrior one capable of protecting his sisters. In the year of 2235 Gara'jan witnessed the destruction of his race, a plague that wiped out 70% of his race in but a single night and turned them all into undead. Within these numbers was his Father and three Sisters, his Mother was the only other survivor of his family.

Over the years he grew up learning to fight and dispatching many of the fallen. It was then proclaimed by the Ruling Matriarch of Felnir that the remaining Savar would group up into families known as Prides. Gara and his Mother were taken into Pride Asha, it consisted of many families that were well known to them. Among these families were Ekani's and Takash's, Ekani's family was very close to Gara'jan's. Ekani was like a little sister to Gara'jan and he wanted nothing to happen to her, she was such a young and innocent Savar.

For many years Gara'jan watched over Ekani and eventually she distanced herself from him for a time. He was simply happy to see that she had grown up to be a beautiful young savar and was not concerned with her distance between them, but he was quite surprised when the day came that she claimed him for her own. It was a bit awkward at first, but he quickly adapted.

After some time they decided it was time to have a litter of their own, to start a family. But the dream was short lived when all 3 cubs were still-borns, The two where overtaken by grief. Eventually they set out to try and find a cure for the Plague, Gara'jan remained by her side to protect his mate and in hopes he could aid her as she searched the land for the solution.

Which eventually brought them to the Island of Kalidor. Where they joined up with the Crusade for Estelmere, in hopes that this would aid them in finding a cure.

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