The Kingdom of Felnir

*Racial Breakdown*: 100% Savar
*Population*: Unknown
*Major Industries*: Unknown
*Military*: Small land forces, medium magic
*Government*: Monarchy
*Current Ruler*: Queen Seltia Allana
*Capital City*: Mrrnall

Felnir is a large, secluded valley surrounded by mountainous region north of Tiefanue and south of Aslak. It is believed that the Grey Elves gave all the land for the Savar to hold, but it was this place that they chose to live. The allow other races to live on the rest of their land, for now.

The valley is replete with plains, smaller valleys, hills, forested areas, streams, and small lakes. Since the Savar do not live in prides, the "cities" or "towns" tend to be small and spread out. Mrrnall, the Capital of Felnir, is the only place which looks like a city, and this is where all business is done. This is also where the Alpha lives.

At one time, Felnir held alliances with Suvant and the Grey Elves, but the alliances vanished with the disappearances of Suvant and the Grey Elves. The Savar of Felnir are noble, diplomatic, and cautious. Since the disappearance of their only allies, they have become even more cautious, and some might even say they have become paranoid.

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