Sphere of Elemental Magic

By tapping the thin veil between our world and the elemental planes, the elementalist mage can manipulate the raw power of the elements into formidable magic power. Though rarely handling true elemental power, the mage can harness just enough to force the magic to freeze, burn, smash and fry their target.

Elemental mages specialize in one or more particular elements: fire, stone, ice, or lightning.

Spells include the following:

Level Battle Magic Effects/Abilities
First Circle Elemental Missile Swampwalk
Second Circle Elemental Shard Water Breathing
Third Circle Elemental Blade Elemental Affinity
Fourth Circle Elemental Bolt Fortitude
Fifth Circle Banish Lesser Elemental Elemental Shield
Sixth Circle Elemental Blast, Greater Elemental Blade
Seventh Circle Elemental Wall, Earth Meld
Eighth Circle Earth-Clap Vertigo
Ninth Circle Elemental Storm, Hellfire
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