Duke Marston

Duke Marston of Estlemere

Ye Thunder

Duke of Estlemere, Leader of the 2nd Crusade of Estlemere, brother to Sir Malik, friend to Bishop Harridon of Estlemere.



Duke Marston is descended from a proud line of nobles who survived the original fall of Estlemere. It has been his dream since growing up to someday return and restore the former glory of his line to Kalidor, and that time; thanks to politics inside the kingdom; has finally come.
His courage and conviction are without question or doubt, as time and again he has lead from the front in dire situations, however in combat situations he is known to rely on the more practical knowledge of his brother Sir Malik von Marston. This has led to times when crusaders have more often gone directly to his brother for tactical advise or reports, rather than to their Duke. So far it hasn't been a serious issue in chain of command.
Growing up he was befriended and taught much by a younger Bishop Harridan, then a friar and tutor. This has meant that Duke Marston's view of Kael is resolute and direct, yet it is proven to be balanced with a tolerance for other religions that is proving an exception in the political winds of Kalidor these days. Counted among his followers in the Crusade are followers of Roland, Cassandra and if spreading rumour is true even an Uncle of Festus. This speaks volumes of his charisma and leadership; as while one may question his military sense, there is no doubt of his people sense.
While he is known to the Court of Wyndholme, his preparations for the 2nd Crusade has meant he has been away from the politics for the last two years. And while he has cultivated the support of the Crown and such notables as Lord Sarrek, it is rather doubted if he is in on the whispered plots that are currently ongoing in the Capital. Some even suggest that it is his womanizing that has led to him being "removed to the frontier" as to be Out of the Way. Others suggest that he is merely playing the fool, and playing it very well.
Recent events on the 2nd Estlemere Crusade seem to be further pointing that he really seeks an Heir, as he is still unmarried and yet to even sire any children. If anything should happen to him Sir Malik stands to be elevated to become the new Duke.

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