Dragons (who refer to themselves as "Firstborn") are exceptionally powerful creatures who's influence rivals that of the Gods. Their personalities vary widely, as do their level of interaction with the mortal races and views toward them. The dragons see themselves in a perpetual war with the Gods and although the Gods may accept this, most do not seem to understand what inspires it, especially among the Gods of Light.


Each dragon controls it's own territory roughly the size of a large kingdom. These lands do not overlap with other dragons. Dragons rarely leave their own homeland and always return to it. If slain, no replacement dragon moves into the dead dragon's territory, nor do their borders shift to accommodate the void.

Age and Death

Dragons do not appear to age and if asked how long they have been alive the common answer given is "Always". It seems that they only possess a single life and do not resurrect. Once dead a dragon's lands are forever empty of Firstborn influence, minus small intrusions by neighboring dragons protecting their own interests. How dragons came into existence is a mystery.

Personalities and Magic

The personality of the Firstborns varies widely, from necromantic casting dragons like Styphon to nature-loving, peaceful dragons like Suulazultsur. Some prefer brawn to brains, some fight amongst themselves with word or claw (although never to the death), others interact with mortals daily and some isolate themselves or consider the mortal races "prey". Some collect massive hordes of treasure, others care nothing for materialistic thoughts. The only common thread among them is that no dragon casts divine magic and they all despise the Gods, even if their principals seem to match.

Dragons and the Divine

All dragons possess a passionate hatred toward every god, divine magic and to a lesser extent, their clergy. No dragon will accept a God's presence within their lands and they seem to have a natural instinct alerting them of this happening. Throughout history there is no record of a dragon negotiating or compromising with a god.

Dragons and the Mortal Races

Dragons do not gain power from mortal followers as the Gods do, yet some will use mortals to further their own agendas. (eg: The Army of the Black Wyrm). Some dragons, such as Rathenoch, seem to love being seen as a symbol of strength and power and will allow mortals within their domain to erect monuments and statues of them, accepting tokens and gifts. Others, such as Zsiera, view the mortal races as nothing more then prey to be consumed, their mewing cries and protests the equivalent of a mouse squeaking in a cat's maw.

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