Territory: Antioch, western Maub'dib, southern Mjoll
Colour: Blue
Symbol or Flag: None
Style of Rulership: Isolated, with some visitors
Demeanor: Introspective, isolationist, very interested in magical knowledge
Views Toward Mortals: Shies away from most, sometimes speaks to independent mages & scholars
Preferred Magic: All non-advanced minus Divine

Doranth appears as a youthful, medium-sized blue dragon. He commonly wears magical items of various types and prefers to travel via magical means rather than by flying or walking.

An introvert by nature, he spends most of his time sequestered by himself in order to further his magical studies. Little communication exists between Mjoll and Doranth. Maub'dib venerates Doranth, and Doranth has been known to grant its citizens audience for mutually beneficial situations. Antioch would like to have a much closer relationship with Doranth, however he shies away from the Drael'Thalan due to their aggressive nature and close ties to Lumesoren, Raze, and Dietremen.

Monasteries dedicated to meditation, philosophy, introspection, wisdom, and learning are scattered throughout Doranth's demesne. The monks of Doranth (monk being a title applied regardless of sex) have become known as the Azure Monks, and seek to emulate their patron Dragon. To this extent, the Azure monks don't meditate or study for something as do god followers. They do not maintain their libraries for some lofty goal of faith. The libraries of the Azure Monks are said to be the most unbiased in the world, since bias is considered a corruption of understanding.

When wisdom is the mutual goal it then becomes very personal and individual why anyone would seek to be an Azure Monk. Long hours isolated in meditation paired with apprenticeship under a master are often part of the personal journey toward wisdom. A pilgrimage through foreign or unknown lands is often prescribed as a means of gaining greater understanding, perspective, and wisdom.

Blue sashes or scarves are often worn by Azure Monks to show their dedication to the Blue Dragon. They often shave their heads to symbolize their forsaking of the material world in exchange for the internal and the introspective world. They are known for traveling far and wide in search of knowledge and understanding for their libraries. The leader of the Azure monks is the Grand High Monk, and is arguably the wisest of them all. The Grand High Monk is chosen after he or she has debated the Blue Dragon for many hours. The current person in this position is a human by the name of Izon Kerodivos.

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