*Racial Breakdown*: 100% High Elves
*Population*: 3000
*Major Industries*: Fishing, Coffee
*Military*: Very Small Land Force, Very Small Naval Force and Low Magic Force
*Government*: Council of Suvant
*Current Ruler*: King Baraquiel Hopebringer

Upon the disappearance of Suvant, surviving High Elves formed a new nation on the Island of Day'ten. Fifteen years later, the city of Suvant abruptly reappeared, floating in the sky overhead. Suvant had originally planned to disband the military forces of Day'ten, but has chosen to retain them as a new defensive unit.


The climate of Day’ten is semi tropical with hot humid temperatures in the summer, and cooler temperatures in the winter. Because it is a small island, temperatures never drop below 10C except in the hilly interior where light frost can occur.

The major port town of Day’ten is the town of Tourquet. It is Tourquet that is the gateway to Suvant. Always one of the larger fishing villages on the island, Tourquet has grown into somewhat of a major port for the The Deminis'Thalan. It is here that the elves have devised huge pulley systems that span the great distance between the port town to the floating city above, and therefore all major trade to Suvant must come through Tourquet.

The town is located on the mouth of Day’ten’s largest river. The floodplains were ideal for the building of the pulleys, which must transport not only large numbers of people, but tons of goods to Suvant. Due to the amount of people that come to Tourquet, and its proximity to Suvant, most of the higher class of Day’ten reside there .

Because of nature of the river mouth, the fishing is superb as many species take advantage of the nutrient rich waters. Across the river on the western bank is the tiny village of Bein Gaer, where most of Tourquet’s fishermen live. The population of this village is roughly twenty families, and it is a tightly knit community.

Other fishing villages include Lond, Duron and Laval, which is situated at the edge of a mangrove swamp and is a prime location for shrimp fishing.

The island is heavily forested, and its hills are known to have entire groves of bamboo. In the hills also are farms specializing in the growth and production of coffee. The largest group of farmers that specialize in this crop form the town of Oberne.

Towns of note:
Tourquet: Major port of Day’ten
Bein Gaer: A tiny village west of Tourquet
Oberne: A town in the northeast hills that specialize in the production of coffee.
Lond: A fishing village on the north coast.
Durin: A fishing village on the west coast. Also an area where pearl diving is common
Laval: A fishing village specializing in shrimp fishing


Generally speaking, the elves of Day’ten are of a poorer class than those of Suvant. Most of the population before the disappearance of Suvant were fishermen or farmers. This changed when those left of the High Elven race came to the island to regroup. With the forming of the new nation, class structures became established in the Suvantian style, and the original inhabitants were considered the lower working class. Most of the Peasant Forces in the Military come from this class.

Day’ten retains a flavour all it’s own, however. Though they speak the language of Suvant, there are lilting inflections in their speech. The elves of Day’ten are also fond of village wide gatherings where singing and dancing are popular.

Military Force:

Commander: Captain Joest
Land Force Units:
- 200 High Elf Soldiers
- 1000 Peasant Archers
- 500 Peasant Swordsmen
- 100 High Elf Mages
- 10 Peasant Ballistas
Total Land Force Size: 1810
Naval Force Units :
- 5 High Elf Warships (35 crew each)
- 15 Peasant Vessels (10 crew each)
Total Naval Size: 20 Ships, 325 Sailors

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