Dalin Torvin

Dalin Torvin

Dalin Firekeeper, "Smartest Crusader"

Protector of the 2nd Estlemere Crusade, elder of the Völsung Clan of the Einher.



Dalin has traveled around much of the world as a paid guard and fighter in his time, and is well known to many of the taverns throughout Kalidor as being full of coin to spend and brawls and song. This has led to him either being welcomed immediately as a preferred guest, or immediately thrown out for fear of the damage he will run up on his tab over the course of the night.
Earlier in his career he fought on the mainland as well, though he doesn't talk about the experiences there, what is evident is he knows his way around a military camp, and doesn't brook nonsense of the younger Einher around him. Professional until the end, if it wasn't for his heavy drinking; including one night leading to him being robbed and run out of Runnelton; he might have achieved his goal of settling down on a farm with several wide-hipped wives.
The promise made to him by Duke Marston of Estlemere to have a farm of his own on top of his pay is enough to have drawn him here to join the crusade. And while his professionalism amongst a bunch of younger crusaders has earned him high praise and respect, he is simple in his determination to soldier on.
Well liked around the campfires, he is known to share an epic story or three, and he is willing to heap his respect on those he views competent. There are rumours he has even welcomed a new member into his clan in respect for their ferocity in battle, no matter the size. Also his cooking skills in the art of beef and other meat products for the long march is beyond any reproach. After a hard day of soldiering he can be found at night with a good draw of mead and a slab of seasoned jerky, preparing his thoughts for the next day ahead.

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