Council Of Suvant

The Council of Suvant is made up of 12 representatives, with the 13th member being the King of the Grey Elves, High King Baraquiel Hopebringer of House Tse Tannonoth, who only votes in Council ties. The current council is:

From House Shalonost

Jjik'da Shalonost - Male, Bladesinger (Elder)
Victor Shalonost - Male, Ranger
Kelestria Shalonost - Female, Druid (Novitiate)

From House Sumendar

Ulya Sumendar - Female, Bladesinger (Elder)
Jatar Sumendar - Male, Druid

From House Tar-Esiir

Kydak Tar-Esiir - Male, Mage (Elder)

From House Valisilwen

Malim Valisilwen - Male, Cleric
Randae Valisilwen - Male, Mage
Kirin Valisilwen - Male, Ranger (Novitiate)

From House Tanna

Cypharia Tanna - Female, Mage (Elder)
Reann Tanna - Male, Warrior
Mikelia Tanna - Female, Warrior (Novitiate)

Aides of the Council

Elrohir Míriel (Valandil Eledhwen)
Eleyond Nibenon (Cerediron Sidhion)
Vendethiel Kan (Baraquiel Hopebringer)

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