Clawfeather Tribe

Clawfeather Clan

The Clawfeather Wild Elves are mostly unknown outside their Clan, however, anyone who has encountered them as they attack Necromancers and their foul Undead come away with tales of their great ferocity in battle against Necromancy. Every Clawfeather, regardless of their specialized skills, has at least a basic understanding of how to effectively combat lesser Undead, and every adult joins in on raids on known Necromancers and the Undead they command. Youngsters are encouraged to join as soon as they are able.

Clawfeathers do not have an organized hierarchy, however they do follow the teachings of the Clan Elders, who have passed on the oral traditions of the Clan, as well as the Tenets of The One: the Nature of the Multi-verse, how all things in all worlds, all planes of existence are interconnected, because all things are a part of The One, the great creative force behind all existence. They give respect to the Elven Mother, Llyandra, but are not generally Her followers or worshipers.

Although most people mistakenly believe that their own God, or singular manifestation of The One, is the only True god, the Clawfeathers traditionally believe that it is important for each person to come to wisdom on their own, and do not force their beliefs upon outsiders.

Young Clawfeather children learn of The One, of the importance of upholding the Great Balance, which is much in jeopardy from the waves of dark, and Necromantic energies here and in other worlds, and they also learn to excel at killing Undead.

Decades ago, in their wanderings, the Clan adopted a human child from one of the villages they attempted to save from Necromancers and their Undead, and the child, Dormiddon, became like a member of the Clan, and was the beloved of a young Clawfeather Wild Elf named Isis, the youngest child born to Druid-Priestess Imueii Deepsring, who was close to his age.

As time passed the Elders became more and more agitated, saying that the Balance may well already have been tipped too far. As Necromantic and dark energies began swallowing up more and more of the world, the Clan was spread thin trying to maintain the Great Balance all by themselves. The Elders were particularly worried about a centre of Necromancy they believed to be somewhere south of Antioch.

It was at this time that the Clan Elders held a moot, and it was decided that the youngsters within the Clan would head out into the world, attempting to spread the teachings of The One and to rally the non-tribal-elf fighters to destroy all Undead and Necromancers, and to help bring the Great Balance back into alignment.

Isis was sent out with Dormiddon, who had learned a great deal of healing magics from the Clawfeather Clan, to the town of Leighton, and after they had arrived and established contact there, three more of her young brethren followed her; Horus, Anubis, and Set.

Since then they have established connections to the Nightrunners and Moon Tribe of Wild Elves, the Fae Realm, as well as the settlement of Jericho proper, the Einher Camp at Fenheim, and the nearby Grem village.

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