Clan Sprawn

Clan Sprawn

*Racial Breakdown*: unknown
*Population*: formerly 100,000. Currently unknown
*Major Industries*: None.
*Military*: None
*Government*: Unknown
*Current Ruler*: Unknown


Although seen by many as nothing more than a rampaging, barbaric tribe of Orcs, Clan Sprawn was a nation in the truest sense of the term. The political and social structure of the nation was clan-like, but sheer numbers gave Clan Sprawn nation status. The population of almost 100,000 was ruled by a single Warlord who personally watched over his subjects and appointed councilors and ambassadors as he deemed necessary. In recent years, Clan Sprawn met its match with the Eastern Kingdom of Berphaunt.

Despite being the most militarily-aggressive nation on the continent, Clan Sprawn was rather peaceful by Orcish standards. This relative peacefulness was seen by many as the key to the Clan's success. Due to many military setbacks on the part of the Clan, Clan Sprawn was forced to seek allies in other nations. Although most nations were reluctant to make formal alliances with a huge Orcish tribe, the threat of Berphaunt was a powerful motivator. For this reason, Clan Sprawn had surprising success on the diplomatic front. Sprawn's most powerful ally was Duvain, who provided powerful naval forces, successfully guarding Sprawn's shorelines from attack.

Pundits wonder whether these were true alliances or just the creation of a buffer-zone and expendable army on behalf of the nations who oppose the Kingdom of Berphaunt.

Ten years ago, Berphaunt was unable to push their war with Clan Sprawn further into Sprawn lands due to a lack of funding. They sent in the Conclave to deal with the problem instead. Through ritual magic, the Conclave constructed a massive non-transparent "dome" over the heart of Clan Sprawn lands, which blots out the sun completely. This dome has been named The Wall of Seti. It is rumoured that the Conclave then unleashed something within (portals to the infernal planes or perhaps raising legions of undead) but since no one can see inside, let alone travel there, only the Conclave knows for sure.

Since the erection of the dome, survivors of Clan Sprawn have fled into the wilderness. It is rumoured they have formed small tribes and villages throughout the continent. They have no unified leadership at this time.

Additional Information

Publicly posted letter from the Ambassador of Clan Sprawn to the citizens of Sindar:

"Ignorant Sindarian:

One year ago, the town of Sindar approached Clan Sprawn and begged for assistance against an invading Tiefanue army - exactly like you are now.

Clan Sprawn felt pity on the Sindarians, and sent a force of 1000 orcish warriors 5 months on foot to help defend Sindar from the Tiefanue threat. All Sprawn asked for in exchange was food for our soldiers and a place to allow them to rest.

When our army arrived at the gates of Sindar, we discovered that neither had been provided.

Because we honour our word, we did not turn and leave Sindar to her fate. No, we stayed. Less then four months after our arrival, after Tiefanue had been scared away from Sindar by our forces, Sindar turned and stabbed Sprawn in the back - you began to assassinated our soldiers, you layed traps for us, and you lead the Brood to our sleeping soldiers in their beds. When we asked why Sindar would do such things to Sprawn, we were insulted and attacked openly with magic.

Now, once again it is spring, and once again Sindar comes crying to Clan Sprawn to save it from the invading army of Tiefanue. We warned you this would happen and told Sindar that the next time it shall meet Sprawn shall be on the battlefield. We told Sindar that Clan Sprawn shall wait for Sindar to become a province of Tiefanue completely before smashing it into the sea. From what you say, that time draws near.

There is a human expression we have heard, Sindar - "You reap what you sow." May your treachery ensure your fate.

Master Broduex,
Warlord of Clan Sprawn"


The largest orc clan next to Sprawn is Clan Blackthorn.

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