Clan Blackthorn

Clan Blackthorn is a large orcish clan last known to exist in the lands west of Berphaunt, bordering the Grey Elven Forests. It is the second largest orcish clan next to Clan Sprawn.

Clan Blackthorn vanished when the Wall of Seti was created, it is believed that they are trapped inside with Clan Sprawn.

Known Leaders

Master Thorn
Officer Myndspike

Public Letter from Clan Blackthorn to Sindar

Masters of Sindar,

Let this message serve notice that Master Thorne will be arriving in your honourable clan tomorrow after the moon has risen. He seeks to speak to you about a potential danger in your area, and in exchange will request information regarding the recent activities of the Grey Elven Masters. He will be accompanied by his Shaman, and will have a small personal guard in his presence. Let it be known that they will be acting on his direct orders, and no weapons shall be drawn while within your lands unless absolutely necessary.
Clan Blackthorn continues to desire peace with Clan Sindar, and Master Thorne demonstrates this by making a personal appearance to discuss matters. Please see that he is welcomed into your lands with the same honour that he shows of you.

Officer Myndspike,
Official Messenger of Clan Blackthorn

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