Church Of Light

Primary Location : Tiefanue
Secondary Location : Kalidor

The Church of Light is the largest church serving the Gods of Light on the continent. Based in Tiefanue, the CoL can also be found in Teris, Felnir, and Mjoll. A branch in Suvant, headquartered in Jericho, existed until suppressed in July, 2252.

In Kalidor the Church of Light has always been a strong presence, with much weight given towards Kael as the greatest of the Gods of Light. For centuries this was mostly viewed as just a local trend and not given much weight back in the home country of Tiefanue. After becoming Independent from Tiefanue the Church of Light in both countries became separate entities, even gaining Archbishop status from the Red Cathedral in Belcaister. While still paying lip-service to a unified Church of Light, it was clear they were becoming an Order and Doctrine of their own.

By the 2200's it was pretty clear that in Kalidor it was becoming more of a Church of Kael than a Church of Light, with ceremonies more and more becoming Kael-centric. And in Belcaister the other followers found their worship more frowned and shunned. However the Church of Light still shinned in this land, but it was clear that it was only a matter of time. By now it had become clear that the Red Cathedral in Belcaister no longer followed any directives from The Church of Light in Tiefanue. The Oaths of Office now no longer included any other Deity of the Light but Kael.

With the swearing in of His most high Eminence Arch-Bishop Gaius Iolius Wolfe the Third, and the beginning of the reign of King Brytnoth the Second, Kalidor appeared to be in the beginning of a resurgence. And the launching of the Second Estlemere Crusade for the reconquest of fallen lands would have indicated that things had stabilized with this Kalidor Dogma of the Church of Light.

At the end of 2252 however an incident in the capital of Wyndholme has shaken the very foundation of the Church of Light in Kalidor. The assassination of Order Master Paxtonius Tenderfoot of St. Roland, and the attempted murder of his Eminence Gaius Wolfe at the same negotiations led to intense rioting throughout the city, and cries of Heresy and Treason.

To this end the Meeting of the Ebon Bolt; named after the weapons of choice in the attacks; has been called in Kalidor to Answer the Question of the future of the Church of Light in Kalidor.

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