Racial Breakdown: Unknown
Major Industries: Black Market
Military: Insignificant Naval Strength
Government: None
Current Ruler: None
Population: Varied
Capital City: Weztokes* with a varied population

*Weztokes is really just a port with a few unmoartered stone buildings with slat and thatch roofs.


Originally an unpopulated pair of islands on the eastern sea, Chronika's first inhabitants are unknown.
There are many rumours as to how the island became populated, with the most popular tale reflecting on the
initial industry of the island.

The story tells of a smuggler out of Berphaunt with hundreds of barrels of a strange explosive dust. Apparently
the customer of this delivery was an unknown group of orcs. The ship was intended for the uninhabited eastern
coast, only to be blown hundreds of miles north in a massive gale. The survivors set up camp on the edge of the
treeline, and began working at fixing the hull. After months of felling trees, cutting and planing new planks,
and boarding up the hull, a small ramshackle hamlet began to form. The survivors took to calling the island Chronika,
after what was left of the name painted on the smashed hull of the ship. Liking the security of the islands treacherous
southern and western shores, and the access to the bay beyond Maub'dib as well as the fertile lands of the eastern
coast, the survivors made a pact to remember the location and return one day. Rumour has it that the wealthiest
captains on the seas were these companions, and there is a high respect among the other crews while these men are
in port.

Black-Market outpost,
Pirate's port

Although there are no set laws and regulations to the island, a choice few captains can be acknowledged as authoritative
figures while in port. Any ship not flying country banners is welcome. However, if the ship does not present the correct
flag signal, it is free game. Any moored ship may take it, as long as a portion of the loot is invested in Weztokes itself.

The only true defence for the port is its nigh impossible accessibility. The surrounding waters reach hazardous heights in the
late season, and the closest mainland is the Jormunger, east of the mountains. The busiest time of year is early summer, with
as many as 20 ships in port. Chronika is completely vulnerable by land, and can easily be overwhelmed by a longship fleet from
Mjoll or a naval fleet from Duvain.

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