Chandra Venscythe

Chandra Venscythe

Sibling to Terith Venscythe, She works as the head nurse in the New Hope Clinic. She is a Templar-in-training and worships the deity Cassandra.



Until Recently, Chandra was known by two names. Having suffered from a mental malady that split her personalities, Most knew her as "Sunny", the happy and innocent young elf. However, there was always a dark side that lurked and would only come out in dire situations. This darker personality was known only by Terith as "Chandra", a name he gave this more vicious personality when they were children. During an evening in Estlemere, the nobility and his physicians held a meeting, summoning Terith to explain his sister's odd behaviour,for it was if she were two different people trapped in one body. Was it a curse? Was she possessed? Answers and explanations needed to be given.

Furious and protective, Terith flew into medical reasons for her behaviour, explaining that Sunny/Chandra had always been such since they were children. The nobility listened, but concluded in that meeting that it was a danger to the crusade if Sunny/Chandra could not be fused. And so, a ceremony was held. Chandra, the emergent personality at the time, broke down in front of everyone and explained that she had been keeping sunny at bay to preserve her innocence so she could protect her brother, being more jaded to the world than Sunny.

The nobility would not hear the pleas and reasonings that sunny/Chandra gave, insisting she was ill and needed treatment. If she did not take the treatment, the nobility would banish Sunny and her brother fromt he crusade. an internal struggle took place within Chandra's mind, and she concluded that it had indeed been a struggle all along, and they had come so far, turning back would shame the Venscythe name. and so, Nothielf the stone Elf drank a bottle of potion and sat in front of Sunny/Chandra, where during a dreamscape conflict, emerged Chandra as the only personality. None know what transcribed during the Dreamscape, except between Nothielf and Chandra. Upon mention of Sunny's true demise, Terith was seen weeping at the loss of, to quote: "one of his sisters."

Chandra remains the dominant, and slightly cruel, personality, putting an end to a very long struggle. Confusion remains as to what to call her, and she seems to accept being called Sunny for now.

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