Castle Pembroke

Castle Pembroke is a huge Castle and military base of Tiefanue. Castle Pembroke sits on the old Tiefanue border to the southwest of Leighton and is the largest military establishment in the eastern half of Tiefanue.

The push east by Tiefanue to extend their borders in the 2230s and 2240s did not give Tiefanue much time to build up large defensive structures such as castles. Most of the defenses in Tiefanue's new eastern lands were comprised of small forts and keeps. When Styphon's Army of the Black Wyrm attacked Tiefanue, the relatively flimsy defences in the eastern lands were quickly overrun, leaving Pembroke — which had been roughly in the middle of Tiefanue's expanded territory — as Tiefanue's front line of defence against further attacks by Styphon's forces.

Pembroke is a full concentric castle and houses hundreds of troops, including fully armoured and mounted knights, longbow archers and a small mage's guild.

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