Carnal Fae: The Darklings

Language: Gaelic

Life Span: 1200-1700 years

With ebony skin and yellow veins, Darklings tend to stand out in a crowd. They are a practical race, with a tendency towards self preservation and a grim sense of humour. It is to this end that many have set up strong and extensive family ties, some even forming into organized Houses. Although once mostly Fae blooded, the millenia of exile from the Dark Isle, as well as breeding has diluted their connection to the Dark Fae, causing a loss of many of their magical abilities and resistances, not to mention their immortality. The Carnal Fae as they are commonly known in the world now exist in large numbers only in a few places, with the remainder of their people scattered across the known world, often integrating into foreign cultures. The Carnal Fae are best known (and for some feared) for their ability to resist magical effects. Although seen as useful for some, this reputation has given them delicate ground to stand on around the world, especailly in cultures where there is a high concentration of magic. History has shown that Darklings often simply wait these kinds of problems out, something usually attributed to their lifespan of 1200-1700 years. Linked to the Fae much more closely than most races, some choose to embrace their heritage, searching out their distant kin, while others would prefer not to be seen as something so alien.

Physical Characteristics

Darklings have black skin and yellow veins.


Thousands of years ago, within the Dark Isle, there was a group of Dark Fae known as the Veskal. So far as scholars can tell, a rift formed between the Veskal and the Dark Fae Lord, the reason for which is believed to be a rebellion in which the Veskal showed too much sympathy towards the mortals. It is for this that they were banished from the Dark Isle.

Small in numbers, the Veskal stuck together at first, forming a few tight knit towns and keeping mostly to themselves. Over time however, trading alliances were formed and they began to mingle with the rest of the world. Whether any of the original Veskal remain in the world is debated still, but what is known is that their descendants are seen from time to time across the land. These are the Darklings, also called Carnal Fae. That of mortals has diluted their Fae blood over the years, and although they live a very long time, they are no longer immortal.

Today's Darklings

There are only two known remaining Carnal Fae communities, the rest of the Darklings are scattered across the continent. Dynis is to the East of Bakura, and has approximately 2500-3000 citizens. It is a place of trade and is known as a safe haven for all Darklings, with a separate set of laws from those that apply to outsiders. In Dynis a Carnal Fae can not be sentenced to death for anything other than killing another of his kind. This does not mean that there is no law, simply that Darklings are not killed within the city's limits. It is told that the Triad that forms the leadership of Dynis decided there were too few of their people to allow their deaths.

Kelvek is nestled in the forest North East of Felnir. Hard to find, it is said that to venture there is death for any that are not given leave to enter ahead of time. Kelvek is rumored to be home to any number of secret organizations from the conclave to various assassin and thieves' guilds, it has even been rumored to harbor the Imperium. How much of this is true is unknown, though there are those that speculate it is all a front to brew fear among those that might think to cross the Kelvekians. The population size is unknown, and there are rumors that Kelvek is lead by one or more of the original Veskal although this may also be fear mongering.

The rest of the Darklings are scattered throughout the known world, some have never been to either of the Carnal Fae cities. It is therefore a credit to the race that although they hold no nation of their own, the Carnal Fae have managed to make their way in the world through the millennia and in the past have held positions of power in various nations around the world.



Despite a belief amongst certain peoples that the Carnal Fae are inherently evil as a result of their lineage, objective scholars have found this to be untrue. There doesn't seem to be any tendency towards "good" or "evil" any more than in other races. What has been found however is that generations of exile and perhaps their heritage, has generally given the Carnal Fae a rather dark sense of humour.


More often than not Darklings seem to drift away from religion rather than towards it. There are many exceptions, but it is theorized that their long lifespan combined with their Fae origin leads them away from devoted faith.


Carnal Fae have no language of their own, however many have endeavoured to learn various languages spoken amongst the Fae in some kind of effort to look backwards into their roots.


There is no known organized Darkling military. A small militia may be found in Dynis, and although there have been rumours, there is not known to be a Military force of any kind in Kelvek. The popular theory being that it is protected by its remote location.

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