Name: Bluestone
Race: Dark Elf

History: Bluestone (real name "Kalen") was originally a High Elven Knight in the forces of Tiefanue. After the death of his wife, a dark elf, he became obsessed with vengeance upon those who he believed killed her. He abandoned his duties and swore loyalty to Raze, who was an Aspect of vengeance at the time. Eventually he was blessed with Priesthood and was race-changed into a dark elf. Leading a Church in Sindar, he converted a good number of its population to Raze.

The Angel of Kael, Gabriel, informed Bluestone that his wife was not dead but living in Antioch in an attempt to remove the vengeance from his heart. Bluestone traveled to Antioch with Balin, where they learned that Gabriel was indeed telling the truth. Upon seeing his wife's face for the first time in decades, Bluestone abandoned his faith.

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