Blood Magic

Sphere of Blood Magic

There is no battle magic more dark or sinister than Wytchcraft. To understand even the basic fundamentals of the sphere, an aspiring Wytch must first strike a dark pact with the infernal. Only after sacrificing part of their own morality does a Wytch learn this powerful art. Wytchcraft can only be taught by the infernal, and only so because the power that fuels it comes from the hells themselves. Upon learning this sphere, the Wytch develops a third nipple somewhere on their body. This nipple becomes the conduit that the infernal power of Wytchcraft comes through.

Spells include the following:

Level Battle Magic Effects/Abilities
First Circle Polarity, Talisman
Second Circle Evil Eye Blindness
Third Circle Weakness Repulsion
Fourth Circle Shun, Requital
Fifth Circle Bind, Contingency: Sleep
Sixth Circle Blood Curse Tongue Rot
Seventh Circle Wave of Hatred, Dark Entrails
Eighth Circle Eye for an Eye Race Change: Toad
Ninth Circle Shatter Your Skull Dark Pact
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