Known Names

Beliphagron, The Chaplain of Filth, Father of Worms.

Commonly Assumed Form(s)

A rat-headed humanoid with rotten eye sockets, a swarm of flies or other insects, a plague that infects the eyes, nose and throat.


Beliphagron seeks to bring ruin to all things that exhibit physical health or beauty. It is driven by a need to bring deformity, aberration, pollution, infestation and infection.


Beliphagron is know or suspected to have used poison, plague, and infestation to achieve its sinister goals. There are literally thousands of lesser demons who serve Beliphagron, ranging from demonic insects to balrogs. For the most part Beliphagron uses subtle methods, and guile to spread infection and slow death. It is rumoured that Beliphagron has worked in conjunction with Shiva, thought there is little to support this rumour.

Presumed Weaknesses

Little is know to have had much effect directly against BĂ©liphagron, however its minions seem to have a particular aversion to healing magic and in some cases silver.

Preferred Sacrifices

Anything that was once in good health is considered to be physically beautiful.

Presumed Summoning Aids

Little is known about calling forth The Chaplain of Filth, but it is rumoured that any attempts at even communicating with it brings illness and plague to those who try.

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