Though no one is truly certain exactly how or why it happens, Aspects are born of violent or intense concentrations of emotion, and as this emotion grows in power, the Aspect itself comes more into itself and into life and sentience. Similar to a god in power, a full Aspect is extremely dangerous to deal with unless you are one of its followers, and even then you can never really be sure.

Sometimes there is a cataclysmic event that heralds the actual “birth” of an aspect, other times it's a slow burn of residual emotion over centuries.

It has been speculated that some of the Gods began their existence as Aspects, and in at least one case (Raze) this seems to be the case.

Whereas Gods typically align themselves with higher conceptual ideas such as Justice, War, Military Strategy or Creativity, Aspects speak the language of base emotions - hatred, sorrow, revenge, rage.

It is possible to "serve" an Aspect like one would serve a God, although this is a rare phenomenon and little is understood about the relationship between Aspect and servant.

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