*Racial Breakdown*: 100% Wolven
*Population*: less than 1000
*Major Industries*: Agricultural
*Military*: Medium land troops.
*Government*: Socialist oligarchy
*Current Ruler*: Unknown
*Capital City*: Aslak
*Major Cities*: Aslak


A settlement in the wilds north of Felnir, Aslak is the homeland of the race known as the Wolven. The Wolven who remain take pride in being able to trace their lineage directly back to the first born Wolven. Currently Aslak holds the greatest concentration of Wolven in the world.


Aslak has no centralized government. Decisions which effect the community are made by the eldest and wisest.

Societal Views

The Wolven there seem to follow a few simple codes that involve helping your neighbour and being involved in local activities.

The Wolven look with suspicion to their southern neighbours, the Savar, and skirmishes are frequent yet seldom serious.

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