Arthonnen Cilmion

Name: Arthonnen Cilmion
Race: Deminis'Thalan
Title: Magistrate in Perpetuity to Jericho
Residence: The Pavilions


Died in February of 2252.

At 528 years of age, Arthonnen has gained a reputation as the frontier politician, being sent to nations where there was a possibility of bloodshed or "getting dirty." He is former Ambassador to Felnir, Teris, Tiefanue, and Antioch.

A follower of Kaelyn and Llyandra, he is known to have contacts within the Conclave and within several independent guilds throughout the nations.

Of unknown family, Arthonnen was a soldier within the Suvantian army. It is rumoured he received the last name Cilmion (Sindarian for "noble born") while Ambassador to Teris. The name was given to him by the Thalan after he fought and earned respect from the Suvantian Council.

He has worked with Ulya Sumendar in the Suvant Council, and was selected by Jatar Sumendar to accompany him to Jericho.

Betrothed to Ambassador Liothu'a of Antioch. As of late 2251, he is the Magistrate in Perpetuity of Jericho.

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