*Racial Breakdown*: 100% Drael'Thalan
*Population*: Unknown
*Major Industries*: Alchemy, assassinations, slavery
*Military*: Powerful land forces, powerful alchemists, medium magic
*Government*: Oligarchy
*Current Ruler*: House Da'Shere
*Capital City*: Antioch
*Major Cities*: Antioch and Golgotha (ruled by House Kil'Varal)


A sprawling complex beneath the Crossroads, much of the history of Antioch is shrouded in darkness.

In 2247, however, House Mesa (rumoured to be linked with an infernal demon lord), wrested control of Antioch from House Da'Shere, the house which had ruled Antioch for hundreds of years prior. Many were killed in the ensuing battles, and those who did not fled to the abandoned Deep Dwarf city of Golgotha.

In an unprecedented move of aggression, Antioch declared war on the Deep Dwarves of Gerdain. In the meantime, the residents of Golgotha struggled to form alliances with many of their once-hated enemies in an attempt to retake their capital city.

In January of 2251, the Council of Jericho organized a raid on Antioch with the support of Berphaunt, Golgotha, and Suvant, which freed the demon lord. It is believed that the demon lord destroyed most of House Mesa and Antioch. House Da'shere has resumed its former position of leadership.

Since January, Antioch has undergone a massive restoration to repair the damage from the demon incident, and the displaced Drael'Thalan have returned to their ancestral home.


Drael'Thalan society is overseen by a ruling house. In order to gain rank, one must first remove the current ruling house (through subterfuge, murder, trickery, etc.).


Church and state are closely tied together in the lands of the Dark Elves. The major churches honour Raze, Dietremen, and Lumesoren. The voice of Raze in Antioch is The Conduit.

Societal Views

Gods heavily influence society. Worshipers emulate the characteristics and ideals of the gods they follow. Within Drael'Thalan society, might is right, and lives end with just one misstep. Only the strongest tend to survive. Marriage is very rare, but when it happens, lasts for a lifetime.

Although it is said that the word of a Dark Elf will never be broken, they are nevertheless looked upon by outsiders with fear and suspicion. This xenophobic view has fed a variety of superstitions and rumours. For example, some believe the Dark Elves of Antioch feed on infants, and some believe the Dark Elves have developed magics and alchemy which allow them to transmute people into clay.


As the Dark Elves are secretive and suspicious by nature, outside trade is rare. That being said, the Dark Elves are known for their potent, premium quality wines, for their potent alchemical elixirs, finely-crafted stilettos, exotic fungi, and slaves.

Houses of Antioch

House Damena
House Da'shere
House Dith'nordin
House Du'Kaght
House Glavindel
House Kil'Varal
House Mesa

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