A Tale Of Leopold Founder Of Raab

(As told by Rudy of Jericho)

I am from a place where we try to emulate the lives of some great followers of Kael who have gone before us. There are several who we study, but the most important is Leopold the Founder, who is said to have been the first of the line of rulers of the town where I am from. I am named after his heir, Rudolf. Now there are many great stories of Leopold that I try to learn from but one has always held a special place in my heart.

After Leopold had become successful he wished to build a monastery and great cathedral to the gods of light in my home town. In those days he needed permission from a great cleric of the Church of Light and several high nobles to undertake this task. He invited these men to his home, and a great cleric named Odo came to determine if Leopold was fit for this undertaking. Now Odo was a very wise man, but could become quite troublesome after he had a few drinks. Leopold entertained the nobles in his mansion and of course Odo had a few drinks. The nobles were not impressed with Leopold because he lived in a mansion and did not have a castle, and they whispered their doubts to noble Odo and tried to turn him against Leopold's request.

At the end of the night, quite drunk Odo declared that he was stunned that Leopold had not built himself a great castle with walls and moats to protect himself from his enemies and that it would "take a miracle" for him to grant him leave to build the monastery and cathedral.

Leopold politely asked what kind of miracle it would take to which the drunk Odo replied "I am going to bed now, if you can raise up walls and protections fit for a proper lord of light by the time I rise, that would be miracle enough for me."

To which Leopold replied "It will be done my lord."

The nobles and Odo laughed at Leopold and went to bed.

The next morning Leopold led the nobles and Odo out onto a balcony to see what lay outside. There were no walls but his mansion was surrounded by a great ring of people. There were a few knights and soldiers, but mostly it was the common people who stood around the castle. Farmers stood with their implements held as arms. The great breeders stood with their dogs at their sides. Leathersmiths and farriers stood with their tools held proudly. Almost the entire population of Raab stood around the mansion.

*Rudy's voice drops as he nears the end of the fable.*

The nobles laughed at Leopold suggesting he had failed. But Odo, now in the sober light of morning had a tear in his eye and spoke loudly over the spiteful nobles.

"You are a wise man Leopold, because you remind us that a true noble of the light needs not walls to keep him safe, but rather the love, trust and admiration of his people, and this you surely have. You may build your monastery now, and I hope the spire of your cathedral touches the sky."

*Rudy is silent again for a moment as he finishes the story.*

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